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Spirit of expectation

In typical fashion, it only took us a few days to go from frigid, plant-damaging nighttime temperatures to sweltering, humid heat in the 90s—not a few weeks, but a few days!  People here, jokingly but not really jokingly, say, “This is Oklahoma. If you don’t like the...

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Small spaces

Growing vegetables in containers is an excellent way to utilize space on your patio while enhancing your outdoor living area. Food is increasing in cost and by using containers. Almost everyone can find a way to grow fresh produce for themselves. Over the years, plant...

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Powerful wind, powerful Spirit

There are many factors that make edible gardening in Oklahoma challenging. Obviously, our weather presents some problems. Plants can usually adapt and take our very hot summers and even our cold winters, but it’s the drastic changes in short periods of time that seem...

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People and peppers get new names

One of the easiest things to grow in Oklahoma is peppers. Since there are thousands of varieties, most everyone can find at least one or two that they enjoy eating and cooking with. They don’t take up too much space in your garden, and they are heat-loving plants....

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Taste and see

Have you ever stopped to think about what we are really eating and why we seem to be plagued with allergies and sickness? With each passing year it becomes more and more evident that the standard American diet is not really a healthy one. You have to wonder where did...

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Lovely lemons

“There’s a lesson in each flower, a story in each stream and bower, in every herb on which you tread are written words which rightly read will lead you from earth’s fragrant sod, to hope, to holiness and God”—Thomas Osborne Davis (1814-1845). These words that were...

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The bottom line

Some people like a good story. Others just want the bottom line. When people are new to gardening, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. I understand. Sure, it can be as easy as opening up a package of seeds, sprinkling them into a plastic container filled with a bag...

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God’s Zone 7

I’m not sure if your grocery store is like mine, but right now, food is SO expensive. Unfortunately, I keep hearing that “it’s only going to get worse.” If this is true, then I hope you are considering growing some of your own food this year. If you are new to edible...

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Grain for bread is crushed

Have you ever eaten a delicious berry or tried an herbal remedy and thought, “I wonder who the first person to eat this was and discovered that it was edible and safe?” After all, each of us are aware that certain plants, berries and seeds are poisonous, so someone...

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